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Wildfire Article Our project was to determine whether or not county officials were as effective at meeting the needs of wildfire victims in comparison to several assisting volunteer organizations. Basically, we were trying to see how effectively our community would act in an emergency situation. Our class picked the topic because it was an incident that had just occurred not even a whole year ago and plus Leece works with The Examiner, Navasota’s newspaper, so that helped us a lot with gathering information. Before we actually started the project, Mr. Wilkerson asked for project managers who were, Lecee Uilkie, Colton Harris, Kelsey Kehlenbeck, Julie Reyes, Jacob Malek, and Trevor Savensky. Leece worked on communication, Colton had population committee, Kelsey and Julie developed the survey, Jacob conducted the surveys, and Trevor analyzed the data and drew conclusions. The other classmates had to help play a role in at least two of the managers groups. I helped Leece with looking throw newspapers and finding sources. I later made phone calls for Jacob, unfortunately I got no responses. With us looking for families who were involved in the fire on our own, we were clueless. Thanks to Dianna Wesmoreland, she gave us a population of 53 members who resides within the burn zone. They all had reported some loss of property from the fire. People who left their home but maintained no physical damage were not included. The survey was created to reduce the response bias by using neutral wording throughout the survey and keeping the same question. We also had to be sure we had a survey in Spanish just as well as English. We had three different methods to conduct the survey, over the phone, through email, and in person. We only received responses from 15 out of the 53. Testing our hypothesis it appeared that the average effectiveness of volunteer aid was greater than

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