Wild Childs And Socialization Essay

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Nell begins to be socialized by Jerry who spends time with her and makes his first contact with her after discovering her in the cabin. He first only observes her, but then starts to get physically closer and eventually makes physical contact through touch. Because they cannot communicate through language, he makes his first breakthrough by telling his own story of listening to music with other teenagers. His physical motions and gestures, instead of verbal language, make a connection with Nell. She sees his hands and fists raised in the air, and it connects with her ritual of raising her hands in the air, “like a tree in the wind.” At this moment, she begins to find something in common with Jerry – and starts to trust him. Jerry also mimics Nell’s language, although he doesn’t know what it means- it seems to reassure her. Another key moment is when Nell asks Jerry to read from her Bible, and this not only shows that Nell is trying to communicate with Jerry, beyond touch and gestures, but to show Jerry something about her beliefs. Once Jerry begins to read the passage- he understands some of her words, such as “evil –doer” and guardian angel. Nell slowly becomes socialized as she learns to “read” Jerry and Paula’s emotions through their expressions and gestures. She learns to trust them. 2. At first, Nell is unsocialized compared to a normal person of her age, because she lives partly in a make-believe world with her dead sister. She is child-like in her approach to play and relives her childhood rituals, using their made-up language. Like a child, she is fearful of the unknown because she bases her opinion of the outside world on what her mother taught her, rather than attempting to experience the real world for herself. Most people her age would have exhibited more independence and a curiosity to explore her environment during the day. She hasn’t been

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