Wild Boars Essay

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The Wild Boars, or sus scrofa can vary from grey to dark brown to black. They can range from 125 pounds to 300 pounds. Wild boars are not cute little pigs with curly tails. The male boars have 2-5 inch tusks, while female boars have shorter ones, but still a very dangerous body part. Mother boars can have up to 2 liters per year sometimes ranging to 10 piglets. Typically, Mothers can be very dangerous when protecting their babies; fathers live off by themselves. After about 45 days, the babies can find their own food, but may still stay with the mother. When they are 4 - 6 months old, they turn a cinnamon brown color. At 1 year old, they are full-grown and have brown or black fur. Some keep reddish stripes as adults. Wild Boars usually live to about 10 years old, although some have been recorded living as long as 27 years. Mortality in the young is high. “Wild Sus scrofa are sometimes found in large herds 'sounders' of up to 100, though a more typical size is 20 individuals” (Wild Boar). Sounders are made up of females and their young. When males reach maturity they leave the group and live mainly on their own. Sounders may travel together over a large home range, but do not migrate. Wild pigs are generally active at dusk, dawn, and at night. Introduced to the continental United States in 1539, feral swine (Sus Scrofa) are rapidly becoming established throughout the country. It is estimated that wild breeding populations of feral swine are now present in at least 35 states. Feral swine are a combination of Eurasian wild boar and escaped/neglected domestic swine (Wild Boar). Of all members of the pig family, Sus scrofa occupies the largest range. “They originally occurred in Europe, Asia, North Africa, and the Malay Archipelago. Included in this native range were a number of island populations, including the British Isles, Corsica, Sardinia, Japan, Sri Lanka,

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