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Whether wikis will catch on at DrKW would depend heavily on, firstly, the managerial support and encouragement, and on the social atmosphere amongst workers. Under an assumption that these were indeed the case, the wikis could definitely catch on at DrKW. In any society there are people who like these kinds of things. Posting and sharing knowledge. In could be the sense of self-satisfaction or wanting to be acknowledged. Nevertheless if there is a system to use, there would be users. The problem would be the concentration of the users. If a business leader wants to encourage wiki use, she should be very careful with the type of management she enforces. Anonymity vs. real name system and incentive-system vs. non-incentive system could be some of the consideration she should take. Furthermore, there would be concerns regarding the diversity of employees' capabilities of using the system itself, how much access they should be given to, and there could be conflicts between the priority of jobs and handling with wikis. Applying the wikis would generate quite amount of cost regarding education, encouragement system, installation of system and etc. She would then have to consider whether the benefits would exceed the possible costs. After careful thoughts of these considerations if she still wishes to encourage wiki usage, she could hire professional help and record useful information the employees could use at first. This would encourage the workers to become the users of the system before posting and editing. From then on, the system could silently sink into the working system. Another way of encouragement would be making an environment where the information sharer could be acknowledged. This could be also done in non-material ways such as establishing a system where each time a page gets useful for another employee, he/she gets some points and if these points

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