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Grading Rubrics for Group Presentation and Individual Reflection Essay I. Grading Rubric for In-class Presentation: 100 points possible (each member of the group will receive the same number of points) Maximum of 25 points for each of the following 4 criteria: _____ 1. Presentation demonstrated that you have researched the topic thoroughly and have a good understanding of both the facts and underlying issues. _____ 2. Presentation was well organized. _____ 3. Presentation made clear the connection(s) between your topic and issues specifically raised in discussions and/or reading for this class (using examples appropriately). _____ 4. Presentation was interesting, held the attention of your classmates, and generated a good discussion. (You should prepare and pose questions to the class to guide the discussion as part of your presentation.) _____ Total Points 60-70: D; 70-80: C; 80-90:B; 90-100: A. II. Grading Rubric for Written Reflection Essay: 150 Total points possible Your reflection essay should be between 6-8 pages. You may use primary and secondary sources, all of which must be cited appropriately. Be sure to include a bibliography of your sources. I would prefer you submit your paper electronically, but I will accept hardcopies, as well. Regardless of when your in-class presentation is scheduled, your final written essay is due by the last day of class; however, early submissions are welcomed and encouraged. Maximum of 30 points for each of the following 5 criteria: _____ 1. You present the main issues involved in your topic concisely and clearly. _____ 2. The central argument of your essay is clear, and the argument is interesting and sustained. Organization is clear and logical at all levels. _____ 3. Style is clear and

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