Wii Sucks Essay

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The nintendo wii is definitely a breakthrough in gaming technology. It has taken gaming to a whole new aspect. They were the first system to introduce motion sensitive gaming. With this in mind many assumed further progression in all game consoles and completely different ideas for new games. With the motion technology it felt like there would be nothing to stop the gaming community. we had reached the sky with a new breakthrough. The console was released in 2006 so it was a bit advanced for it’s time of 2006. Although the wii has a unique idea, the lack of hardware and multimedia capabilities gamers away and customer support jobs anear. Compared to thegraphics of its competitors, the motion control seems to be the Wii’s only focus, and their only fall back. The motion control aspect is an amazing piece of video game technology for its time, which explains why Nintendo focused on it. It is similar to the wireless television remote control sensor, but it also has a depth aspect which gives it the motion. Also, the television has to correspond with the remote which corresponds with the sensor all in realtime. Nintendo even had this idea way back in 1995 with the Virtual Boy. Which was a virtual reality tennis game where you turn your head. The wii took a long time to develop as well, the began to develop the motion controller in 2001 around the time the Gamecube was released. The nintendo Wii dissmisses the original legend of gamers sitting on a couch while holding a controller, and replaces it with standing up and flicking your wrist with a controller in hand. Now that’s what I call excersice. The Wiimote also offers several different motion attatchments which smoothly attatch to the controller. This is a smart idea and something that no previous or future game system has ever added. The controller attatchment was around even during the Gamecube era. The biggest

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