Wife Of His Youth

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In the story, “The Wife of His Youth,” Chestnutt explains the racial inequality within the United States. The author uses the main characters as a gateway to show hypocrisy in claiming social equity and identity. Mr. Ryder abandons his black heritage to become accepted in a white society, while the wife of his youth uses her past to proclaim her loyalty to her husband. The author of “The Wife of His Youth” uses Mr. Ryder to show hypocrisy in social equity. Sam Taylor was a light skinned slave before the civil war. He worked in the field, while his wife was a cook. Following the civil war, he escaped and moved up north. He then changed his name to Mr. Ryder and joined as a racial group called the Blue Veins. This group signified this society because it brought together all people whose skin was white enough to see the veins in their arm. This proves hypocritical because Mr. Ryder was a part of an era of slavery based on the color of his skin. His new identity finds black people ignorant, and accepts him into the group while disregarding his true heritage. In “The Wife of His Youth,” Liza Jane also depicts insincerity in claiming social equity. She was the wife of a slave during the civil war. Her husband was a light skinned slave who escaped and promised to come back for her. However, he abandoned his life, and created a new identity in order to become accepted into a white society. Liza Jane always understood her true identity throughout the story. Even in an era of slavery, she accepted her heritage and worked as a cook while her husband worked in the fields. Although this life was troubling, she remained hopeful to reunite with her husband after the war. Liza Jane endured twenty five years waiting for her husband, never mistaking the fact that she was part of the slavery era and that it made her who she was today. She remains a loyal wife and has faith in

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