Wide Sargasso Sea

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The Dynamics of Christophine Set in the West Indies during the nineteenth century, Part One of Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea evaluates the complexity of races between the white Creole owners and their hired black servants. In addition to the owner/servant segregation, Antoinette’s family attempts to gain acceptance from the white Jamaican individuals who are envious of Annette’s beauty yet aware of her racial and cultural differences as a white Creole. Antoinette and her mother have difficulty understanding the mindset of the recently liberated servants as they fear the ex-slaves will seek revenge upon their family. In this paper, I will argue how Part One of Wide Sargasso Sea sets the stage for apprehension between the acceptances of a multitude of races as seen through the dynamic character of Christophine and her interaction with Antoinette and her mother. Antoinette’s upbringing, living on Coulibri Estate, allows her to characterize herself with both the white and black race. Since her mother, Annette, demonstrates a very absent role in her life, Antoinette identifies with her surrogate mother and servant, Christophine. Antoinette’s relationship with Christophine develops drastically after Annette refuses to give her daughter attention. Christophine works as a dynamic character, both a servant and guardian, who helps Antoinette accept and undergo enormous cultures pressures: “Her songs were not like Jamaican songs, and she was not like the other women…No other negro woman wore black, or tied her handkerchief Martinique fashion.” (12) Demonstrating her multicultural presence in the West Indies, Christophine works as a very dynamic, rounded character because she is loyal to Antoinette and her heritage, while maintaining relations with her coworkers. This is significant in understanding the tension seen between Antoinette and her mother and those living in the
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