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Magdalene Economou AP Lit Period 1 Dr. Young Sandra Drake's essay, Race and Caribbean Culture as Thematics of Liberation in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea, discusses how Antoinette's struggle with finding her place in English society while trying to be part of the island lifestyle she loves, is the main factor in her identity crisis. Antoinette is constantly being pulled in two different directions; being a good wife to her property owning, white husband and being a part of the island culture. Drake makes a valid argument that Antoinette's madness is a result of living two different lives. Drake uses Antoinette's relationships with her husband, Christophine, and Sandi to show how she is pulled in these two different directions. Antoinette's relationship with her husband, the unnamed narrator of part two, turns sour very early on. The narrator hates everything about the island. He describes everything as too much. This discourages Antoinette because she loves everything about her home. Antoinette represents the vivacious, passionate and exciting nature of the island while her husband represents the rigid and strict nature of English society. When Antoinette's husband cannot stay on the island any longer, he takes his belongings, including Antoinette, and goes back to England. This tears Antoinette apart. Ripping Antoinette from her homeland exacerbated the wobbly state of mind she was already in. By taking Antoinette away from her homeland and calling her Bertha, the narrator degraded her and took away the biggest part of herself. Antoinette's husband took her away life away from her. He removed her from her islander family, the people that she depended on and needed. Antoinette had no say in it. It is not hard to see how this horrible experience can make a young person go

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