Wicked Witch Essay

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The wicked witch In a faraway land there was a wicked witch named Amanda she was the worst witch in the land. She had a plan to take over the world, while she was planning a young woman named Kristin came along wondering if she could do an internship with the witch. The witch did not listen to the women until she said that she will help with whatever the witch had in store to do that day. So the wicked witch agreed to have the women join her but the women had other plans she was a spy she was set out to spy on the witch to see what her plans were. Amanda was in her own little world not knowing what was going on all she was thinking about world domination. As Amanda was thinking about her world domination, Kristin was thinking to herself and wondering what the witch was doing and how was she going to catch that nasty old witch of a women in her lies. Kristin did not know how to catch her but as the days went on the witch was also wondering how many days does this intern need to stay. When all of a sudden a random penguin named Angela showed up at the witches door. Angela had no reason to be there but if you looked closely to her tummy there is a piece of paper saying I am a SPY DON’T WORRY! So as Angela was wondering around the castle she found mysterious young women named Kristen. So Angela Said “Hi I am a penguin named Angela and what may you be perhaps.” Kristin said “My name is Kristin and I am a young women hear for an internship with the witch.” Kristin Said “I see you have some writing on your tummy what does it say?” Angela said “Oh it says that I am a spy so don’t worry.” Kristin said “Oh are you a spy.” Then Angela replied “Yes, I am I am trying to investigate on what this witch is up to and to when and where she is going to do it at.” Then Kristin replied “That is so funny because I am doing the same thing as you are.” So both Angela and

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