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So you watched a couple episodes of Wicked Tuna, and now you think your ready to reel in a 300 pound flailing tuna. You just need to learn how to fish, right? Well, that's like watching the X Games and thinking your ready to attempt a back flip on a BMX bike. Do not worry there is some hope for you yet. You don't have to be a fish less loser for the rest of your life, but you will need to learn the fundamentals of fishing. Lets start with one of the most basic and essential tool in every anglers arsenal, the “fisherman's knot.” This knot will serve you well for years to come and is easy to master. All your going to need is: a fishing pole, a reel spooled with line, nail clippers, and a hook. Before we begin I must let you know; a fish hook through the hand never feels good, so pay attention. First you will need to release the line on your fishing reel. Do this by flipping the bail (its the half round metal arm) so it is facing up. Now grab the end of the line and pull enough slack to comfortably work with, then flip the bail back down . About a pole and a half length, should be enough slack to work with. Having too little slack will result in having to bend your fishing pole to tie the knot. It can be especially…show more content…
This is where it starts getting tricky. While pinching the top of the loop, spin the hook clock wise, or counter clock wise, five times. Make sure you maintain tension on the line through out this process. You will notice a small hole you created at the bottom of the line by spinning it. This is where the end of the line will be going to form the knot. Take the end of the line and very, very, carefully, thread it through the hole. Now grab the end of the line with one hand, and simultaneously, pull the other end of the line tight. All that is left to do now, is trim the excess line off the end with a pair of nail clippers, and add the

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