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Wicked - The Musical On Sunday March 3, 2013 I went to see the wicked musical at Sergerstrom Center in Costa Mesa. "Wicked" is a three hour musical and is the story behind the classic "The Wizard of Oz". It is based on the friendship between the Good Witch, Glinda, and the Elphaba who is the Wicked Witch of the West. The music is based on the book of by Gregory Maguire. This musical has had a very good reviews and I went into the play having high expectations I must admit it definitely met my expectations and more. I found it was compelling and captivating to watch from the first beginning, making me really care about the characters and what happened to them. As we walked in, I noticed the crowd was fairly mixed and mostly adults. They had a bar that served refreshments, alcohol, cupcakes and sandwiches. There was no music playing as we walked in and was oddly quiet considering there were about 2,000 people trickling in. The stage seemed a bit smaller than I expected, but made up for it in height. There was a dragon on top center of the stage and the stage curtain was a map. I sat in Tier 2, Row O, seat 118, which is fairly far and high from the stage. The theatre seats were ranked so we were able to see and hear everything on stage without being blocked by the people in front of us. However, I was not able to see details such as facial expressions unless it was exaggerated. The actors and actresses I thought were talented and amazing. The acting was excellent. The singing was so good, almost seemed unreal as if they were lip singing because they never sounded out of breath. Their voices were by far one of the most amazing voices is I have ever heard in real life. I could feel the emotions through the voices of the characters as they spoke and sang. I felt the use they used diamond formation the most when they were singing. They made use of the

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