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Field Research on the Wicca Religion Roosevelt Wilkerson Strayer University REL 212 World Religions Professor Naomi Sanderovski December 11, 2011 Field Research on the Wiccan Religion Whenever I would hear the word Wicca, I would have usually associated it with witches, devil worshipers, pretty much all things dark and evil. In my conducting of an informal survey of friends and family it, revealed to me that people think of evil, wickedness, or even Satanic worship when they hear that word. Typically the same things I was thinking. In my research of this religion, I will study its beliefs and practices in order to make an objective determination of this religion and hopefully clear up misconceptions or validate the beliefs of this religion for those that do not practice it, to include myself. The origins of Wicca date back to the early days of man as they typically looked to the environment surrounding them as not only the source of their food i.e. plants and animals, but they looked to those very things in a spiritual way as well. This is called Animism. Animism is the belief that all things, animate and inanimate alike have spirits associated with it. While there is no empirical evidence to support this origin, it is what todays Wicca population look to as the origin of their religion. Their core beliefs or philosophy is grounded in the spirits of nature and the environment. According to Cantrell (2004), “Wicca is a religion rooted in the mists of Neolithic history… it is basically a fertility and agrarian society. It is a religion of nature worship and the subsequent interaction with nature that is dissented from that practice by the Celtic clans of Western Europe and the indigenous peoples of the British Isles, the builders of such monuments as Stonehenge.” Accordingly, Billips (2001) believed that “Wicca originated among the Celts and other

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