Wiccan Memoir Essay

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Kelsi Parker English 2010 James K. Beatty January 28, 2014 Wiccan and Witchcraft: The Misconceptions Growing up in a Latter Day Saints home, I was raised by my grandparents, who grew up in a generation that frowned upon any other type of religion than their own. I knew of other Christian religions, but was taught that there was no other religion better than the one I was baptized into. Growing up with strict moral values, such as the word of wisdom, chastity and more, most children would rebel and go against this in search of something else that would allow them to be “free”. This was not the case for me, and even after I moved away from that house into a household where the LDS religion was ridiculed. I still continued to be a part of the church because, it was what I knew. Until, I had what some may call a revelation of sorts, that this was not where I belonged and it was not suited to what I felt to be true in my own heart. So I searched for years, to find something that was in relation to who I am, studying in religions such as Judaism, Islamic, Buddhism, and many others. I joined a group of friends who introduced me into Paganism, I knew only a little of what it was and I myself was confused as to what it was exactly. Moreover, I was unsure if it was for me and that is where I found Wicca a form of Paganism, which people of this belief refer to themselves as Witches. When most people think of witches, you think of the Salem witch trials, evil, and Satan. Or on the other side you think of the old woman with green skin and warts on her face. In fact, this is the very thought that came to my mind before someone explained to me about what Wiccans are and what they believe. In doing so I have found that Wiccans are not only different than what most religions make them out to be but the exact opposite. I found that the group of

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