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Oh , Angel of luck and money, I direct my plea, the money I need is for good, and not for the greed. Repeat seven times, then say: So mote it be. (Greenaway, 2003) The above is a Wiccan spell that will enrich your cash flow and help when money is tight. If only it were as simple as a flick of a wrist or a swish of a wand, and a pile of money will appear in front of our eyes and all previous debt is erased. To most, witchcraft is something that simply does not exist in our world. Our problems with money and work cannot be fixed with an incantation nor can our difficulties in love and life be undone with the repeated saying of a few words that are arranged in a rhythmic, fluid manor. To most, magic does not exist past the realm of television, movies, and beyond the walls of Hogwarts. To Wiccan’s, however, many of these desires can be fixed and achieved, but the results are not as instantaneous as Hollywood portrays. When asked to conjure up a topic for this course, in which I was to research, articulate back and conclude upon, I found it very difficult to narrow down topics under the large umbrella of the anthropology of religion, magic and witchcraft. However, once it became knowledge to me that I work with a practicing Wiccan, I found it coincidental I still needed a topic for my religion, magic and witchcraft class, as Wicca is a religion about, more or less, witchcraft. This particular Wiccan, in fact, is providing me with a large sum of my sources through printed text. Not only did I want to research the history behind this fascinating religion, I wanted to know where this religion stood in society today. I have sculpted and specialized my research into finding out the evolution and modernized practices of Wicca. Through my research, I have found that Wicca has interesting and unique roots that not all religions have. By providing a brief

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