Why Youths Join Gangs Essay

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why youths join gangs Gangs have been around for many years, dating back to the early 17th century if not earlier. However the UK has very little research data, to explain how wide spread the current situation is. During recent years the media has draw attention to the gang culture either through newspapers or television, youths are desensitised to violence, especially when more time is spent either watching television or playing on game consoles, than is actually spent inside a classroom. Due to the lack of data in the UK, some of my research will be including data from the USA. The earliest research was directed by Thrasher, his research was written about the Chicago slums in the 1920s. ‘This work marks the beginning of sociologically oriented interest in gangs’ (Morash, 1983:309). This therefore brought about other major thinkers which include the early ideas of Merton (1938) and Cohen (1955). Their ideas related to class differences and strain and the issues of power and struggle. The subject which relates to why youths join gangs is also known as youth deviance which has caused a great deal of interest within society and criminologists. Deuchar (2009:4) states ‘Every generation of adults had demonised the behaviour of its youth’. This inclination within society has created moral panics and major concerns, which can be argued that it has only served to aggravate the problem of youths and gangs, instead of making it easier to understand. There is a link between youth subcultures and delinquency, which causes strain on society; this can be seen throughout the history, of youths and gangs. Ethically it is safer for this topic to be researched through literature. This is due to gangs been secretive and also it is a very unstable culture which can flare up at any time. Also as the research is on youths, this can always cause ethic problems, also it can

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