Why You Should Vote for Obama Essay

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Because I have three sisters, a mother, countless female cousins and friends, and Obama’s the only candidate that doesn’t treat women like a special interest group. Because I remember being outraged when the Iraq war started, and I remember how Obama’s the President who brought our men and women in uniform home. Because if someone’s willing to fight and die for their country, they should be able to tell their brothers and sisters in arms who they really love without fear of reprimand. Because under the Obama administration, the number of employed Americans has been trending upwards pretty much the entire time: Because Barack Obama is the only candidate who seems to have the best interests of the majority of Americans at heart, not just the most powerful. As the biracial son of a single mother, he worked his ass off through law school, then became a senator, then managed to win the Presidency with the voices of the disenfranchised rather than the influence of the wealthy. He embodies the American Dream. Mitt Romney was born on third base and spent his entire life thinking he hit a triple. There is no way he can understand the real issues facing anyone but white, heterosexual, and male billionaires. Because Barack Obama succeeded where his predecessor failed. Because other countries actually want anything to do with us for the first time since Clinton left office. Because the economy is not the only issue on the table, and I’d prefer a President who’s pretty good at economics and amazing when it comes to social issues to a President who’s an expert on the economy but a snake in the grass when it comes to social issues. Because, while Obama is a Christian, he understands that God’s place is in the church, not the White House. Because I like to judge a President on his or her own merits, not based on the fact that it took him a little while to subdue the

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