Why You Should Become a Blood Donor

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Why you should become a blood donor Good morning everyone. My name is Charlene Katie Pinckney and my speech today is about why you should donate blood. Donating blood is something a lot of people take for granted until either someone close to them or even they themselves are in a medical situation and need it. I’ve given blood but never thought I would never have a situation where someone close to me would be the recipient. Today, I’m going to talk about my personal experience and also how donating blood can save lives. When I was pregnant with my first child, everything was fine in the early trimesters. All my routine obstetrician appointments went well and my doctor’s would tell me that my pregnancy was progressing well. In my later months at one of my routine appointments my routine went in a different direction, south. Usually at these appointments they check urine levels, weight, and blood pressure. However, that day my results from my urine test were elevated to extreme levels and I was directed to go straight to another doctor’s office. Due to the elevated levels in my urine no further test were perform at that point. In an attempt to decrease elevated blood pressures in which we didn’t know at that time they asked me to lie down on my left side and informed use the doctor would be in shortly to talk to us. After hearing that and instructing me to lie on my side I was very worried because I didn’t know what was going on. My husband was trying to calm me down saying everything was going to be alright and I just wanted the doctor to come back and tell me what was going on. We waiting fifteen minutes or more, which seemed like a half hour, the doctor finally returned. He began telling us the reasoning for his concerns based on the level of protein in my urine. After our discussion with the doctor additional test were ran including blood pressure in

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