Why You Should Be Quiet in Class Essay

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Why should one be quiet during a lesson? One should not talk in class, because it will not help us with our education and it will not help us move forward on in life. If we talk during a lesson it is more likely that we will miss out on important information about the lesson being taught and we will not only be distracting ourselves in class, but also distracting the others around us. In addition, the class wouldn't be able to concentrate if others are talking loudly and about topics that are not related to the class. Furthermore, having side conversations while the teacher is teaching the class is disrespectful and rude. Some students actually want to learn and that is why disruptive students should talk in their own free time. It is really important to be quiet during class because it is a way of showing respect to the teacher who is trying to accomplish his/her job and to the students that are trying to learn. Learning is best achieved in a quite environment, therefore being quite during a lesson is important, because this puts not only the students causing the disruption at a disadvantage, but the rest of the students who are trying to learn. This can lead to negative tensions between the unoffending students and those at fault. These tensions can even continue after school stressing the classroom. Furthermore, if there are side conversations during class the ability to concentrate is delay and the material being taught is not learned well. Being able to respect the professor and fellow students is a sign of maturity, which is an important life goal for a young person. Displaying proper behavior in class can help the student develop a good reputation with the teacher, which can be a beneficial factor. Talking will not only hurt those around me who are paying attention to me rather than paying attention to the lesson, but It will also hurt me because it will

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