Why Would Anyone Live Without a Tv? the Reasons Might Surprise Essay

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I am neither a technophobe, nor a Luddite, nor a troll who lives under a bridge. I welcomed the Internet. Although I refuse social networking, I am addicted to my email connections to the rest of the world. But I have a confession: I do not own a television. This is not a flagrant brag or an assertion of intellectual superiority from a pointy-headed, ivy-towered intellectual. I actually like television; it’s just that I don’t think I want one in my house. How come? It’s probably not what you think. First, some facts. About 99 percent of Americans have a TV in their homes, according to many of the experts. Clara Moskowitz, writing in the online magazine Live Science, of the people without TVs, says that two-thirds fall into what we might call the camps of the usual suspects: the crunchy granola types, too pure to be contaminated by vulgar media displays, and the ultrareligious right (think of the Amish or even more worldly people), also too pure to be contaminated, or have their children tainted, by the same displays. Marina Krcmar, author of a study called “Living Without the Screen,” interviewed 120 people in 62 households without television and 92 people in 35 households with TVs. She came up with the same predictable results: Whichever side of the spectrum they occupy, left or right, the un-televisioned people have the same objections: to sex and violence, to consumerism, to the intrusiveness of the medium itself. Some additional statistics: As of 2010, according to the Nielsen Television Report, the average American home had 2.93 TV sets, up from 2 in 1990, and there are more TVs per home than people (2.54). Among 8-to-18-year olds, 71 percent have a TV in their bedroom, says the Kaiser Family Foundation, and if you include all the devices that deliver programs, children watched about 4 1/2 hours of TV a day in 2009, up about 40 minutes since 2004. The

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