Why Women Can't Putt

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In Matthew Rudy’s “Why Women Putt Worse than Men” he does a really nice job of backing up his claims. Matthew Rudy is a golf journalist who writes for Golf Digest and ESPN. His article mainly focuses on logos and little bit on pathos. He uses real stats that displays his seemingly radical statement and doesn’t get offensive. I love the in-depth examples that he gives in this article because he doesn’t just say that women are worse putters than men, but instead he backs it up with facts that makes his claim truthful. In the article, he shows putting stats provided by the PGA and LPGA Tours that help the reader better understand what is going on. The only thing that kind of bugged me about the piece was that he doesn’t display a whole lot of emotion which doesn’t help his cause. But if you ask me, I would say that his lack of emotion doesn’t hurt his cause because he does such a great job with the examples he gives. After reading this article, I started to pay closer attention to this poor-putting issue and I noticed that everything he points out is entirely true! The thing that I liked the most about this article was his introduction/title. The title “Why Women Putt Worse than Men” is shocking because nobody has really posed the question before and I commend him for it. His article was probably frowned upon at first but if women would just read it, they could start to ask themselves, “Why am I not doing the same things that the guys are doing?”, and it would actually help their putting. His cover page shows a woman in a putting stance with a guy in a lab suit watching her every move and a bunch of gauges surrounding her which implies that they are going to back up that title with some case studies and statistical analyses. Another way how he persuades his audience is his use of certain words. He says things like; statistically, the experts said, and the data

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