Why Women Achieved the Vote in 1918

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Changing Attitudes in British society towards women was the main reason why women achieved the vote in 1918. How accurate is this view? Why Women achieved the vote in 1918 essay The 1918 Representation of the People Act gave women over 30 and who were University graduates and householders owners the vote. Prior to 1918, women were treated as second class citizens; they were regarded as ‘stupid’ and incapable of making intelligent decisions. Women had few rights and were controlled by their husbands. Changing attitudes towards women in British society was an important factor in winning women the vote in 1918 however other factors were also involved. The peaceful actions of the suffragists and the violence of the suffragettes helped win support and publicity for women suffrage. The role of women at home in Britain during WW1and international pressure of introducing women’s suffrage also led to women receiving the vote by 1918. Changing attitude towards women in Britain society helped women achieve the vote in 1918. It can be argued that women achieved the vote as they were beginning to be seen as making more intelligent decisions. The education of women had improved with universal education for boys and girls from 1870’s and women were more increasingly attending university. Women were also entering ‘white collar’ office jobs as well as traditional ones like nursing which proved they were able to be trusted with the vote. Arguably women achieved the vote as the social position of women was improving which helped erode male prejudices against them. The Married Women’s Property Act of 1882 and 1893 granted women full legal control of all property they had owned at marriage or that they had gained after marriage, by earnings or inheritance. Changing attitudes was therefore an important factor in winning women the vote in 1918 The militant suffragettes
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