Why Wild Animals Shouldn't Be Kept in Captivity

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In captivity wild animals are used for our entertainment. Adults and children visiting zoos have be given the subconscious message that its ok to use animals for our own entertainment, it also trespasses on their freedom or quality of life. Therefore zoos will encourage poor treatment of animals. People do not go to zoos for educational purposes they simply go to be entertained and diverted by weird and wonderful creatures seen as objects of beauty and entertainment. The only way to understand an animal properly is to see it in its natural environment the zoos give an artificial and misleading view of the animal by isolating it from its natural habitat. Wild animals belong in their natural habitat, in the wild. It is a breach of their natural rights to take them by force into captivity for our own amusement or purposes. They are prevented from leading their own lives such as gathering their own food, developing their own social orders and generally behaving in ways that are natural to them. No matter how much we may try to replicate their own habitat and surroundings in a zoo and it will never get to its full potential. Predators need to hunt and taking them from the ability to do so by taming, caging and drugging them is beyond cruel. A study in 2008 found that Asian elephants in European zoos have a maximum life span of just 18.9 years compared to 41.7 years for wild elephants in an Asian logging camp. We should just let nature take its course. Wild animals in zoos suffer unnecessarily. Whatever the good intensions of zoo-keepers are animals suffer in zoos. They are unnecessarily confined in unnaturally small spaces, and kept from the society by cages and bars. British zoos found that elephant enclosures are 1000 times smaller than their natural habitat. Wild polar bears are confined in spaces that are more than a million times smaller than their natural

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