Why Weed Is Bad Essay

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The Big 'Brain' Theory Marijuana effects many parts of your body, especially your brain. Marijuana contains a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or more commonly known as THC. When you smoke or ingest the drug, THC travels from your lungs, through your blood stream, to your brain. It then 'attracks' special little parts of your brain called cannabinoid receptors which leads to the so called 'high'. The part of your brain that has the highest amount of these receptors is the same part that allows pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, time perception and coordinated movement. When the chemical enables your high, those receptors are damaged and cause distorded perception, your coordination is now impaired, you will find it difficult problem solving and thinking, and you will have a hard time learning along with a horrible memory. On a long term bases, research shows that smoking this drug, or any drug for that matter, effects your brain's dopamine level. If you do not have enough of this chemical in your brain, then it could lead to depression. Of course, if you continue to use this drug on a long term bases, then you run the risk of developing an addiction. Once you have an addiction, it becomes very difficult to quit. If you have an addiction to this drug, or any drug, it can have a huge effect on your social and personal life. It can effect your grades in school, friendships, family life and any kind of activities that you do in your spear time. Once you try to quit, your addiction will kick in and do anything in its power to prevent you from quitting. Some effects would include loss of sleep, a decrease in apatite, anxiety and of course, the drug cravings. Marijuana can also cause, or effect mental health issues as well. As I mentioned before, it can cause depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations (which is when you think about killing yourself) and

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