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Why We Study The Cell And It's Components Essay

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Why We Study the Cell and its Components
Biology 1
Angela Castaneda
October 20, 2009
Professor: Glenn Fox
P. 2
Why We Study the Cell and its Components
All cells have a purpose but not all cells are created equal, for example, more advanced cells have a difficult time surviving on their own. A cell from your brain could not survive in a petri dish for long. It doesn’t have the right pieces to live on its own. On the other hand an amoeba could survive in a dish forever, thrive, and reproduce. Simpler cells have a better chance of surviving on their own while complex cells can accomplish tasks that are more advanced (Retrieved October 20, 2009, from Radar’s Biology4kids Cell Function 3rd paragraph, http://www.biology4kids.com/files/cell2_main.html).
Scientist study cells for many reasons; beginning with the fact that the cell is the basic living unit. Scientist study the cell function in order to understand how tissues work, and then how organs function and last but not least, how our bodies work. Once cytologist, the branch of biology that deal with the formation, structure, and function of cells, (Cytologist retrieved on October 20, 2009, from thefreedictonary.com/cytologist) understand how the cell functions and what its purpose is, can we then begin to understand how different cells can change and effect the body. We study the life of a cell so we can better understand different cancers and sicknesses that attack and tear the body down. It is because of cytologist that we have come so far in our knowledge of cancer cells and many other sicknesses. The more that we know about our enemy, the better chance we have to fight it.
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      SUO online lecture
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