Why We Shouldn't Choose Abortion

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Why we shouldn’t Choose Abortion If you have watched current political debates preceding any type of political election you have surely noticed that the debates always focus on similar topics. These topics for debate often include: gay rights, drug legalization, gun rights, and abortion. I would like to discuss the topic of Abortion. After viewing the arguments of both sides hopefully we can make an agreement on why we shouldn’t choose abortion. Before we get into why we should or shouldn’t choose to abort a child let’s discuss what abortion is. The word abortion originates from the Latin word aboriri or ‘to miscarry’, and is defined in the dictionary as “the deliberate removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.” The difference between a miscarriage and an abortion is choice. Abortion happens because a choice is made to abort the fetus, while a miscarriage will happen naturally if a woman’s body can no longer handle the pregnancy. Either of these things can cause emotional distress for the pregnant woman. So why would a woman want to continue with an abortion and make the choice to destroy the developing fetus? There are many arguments for that, some more logical than others. Some of the reasons include deterioration of the woman’s health, rape, accidental pregnancy, and lack of preparedness to raise a child. Lets tackle each of these situations individually, looking at the pros and cons of each possible outcome. First, the possible deterioration of the woman’s health, if the woman’s health began to diminish during the pregnancy she may be given a choice between her life and the life of the child. What would your choice be? I recently read an article about Ashley Caughey, a pregnant woman that had been diagnosed with malignant bone cancer. She chose to forgo chemo until the baby was born in order to save the baby’s

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