Why We Should Read Books

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Today I want to try my best to persuade you why you should read books. It is a disappointment that nowadays people read books less often due to the widespread of technology Books were v hundred years ago, but with the invention of radio, television, and the Internet and computer games, people careless for reading books.However, once you complete reading a great written book it will have a great effect on it will motivate you to become a better person and increases your knowlage a lot and provide you with great inspiration. Some people argue that television in the present days is much more informative and interacting I agree on that to some extent. Television, on one hand, offers a colourful motion picture, whereas, the books, on the other hand allows you to think imaginatively with the characters in the book and their background story and the atmosphere that the story takes place.There are also people wondering why they would read from books rather than from online websites? spending hours reading from internet can cause you headaches and pain in your eyes, on the other hand books dosent cause you headaches nor problem in your eyes no matter how long you read except if you are reading it from a wrong angle . books can be carried at any place you go rather than carrying electronic device that requires you to charge it after period of time and can sometimes be heavy and not allowed in certain places if you want to read outside . Many researchers have found that reading books Is a great way to develop communication reading and writing skills ,and also improve our vocabulary.Reading books helps also to reduce stress, no matter how much stress you have .it all fade away when you read a great written book letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax. Studies have shown that reading books keeps you away from Alzheimer’s since keeping your brain active

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