Why We Should Go Back To Australia Persuasive Essay

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To the Australian Government, Imagine travelling to an unknown foreign country to escape from tyranny. Now imagine losing both your parents in a traumatic boat accident. Now imagine that you're only nine years old and your future is in the hands of the Australian government. My nephew Seena has been through heart wrenching moments in his life despite his young age. The thought of him going back to the detention centre after the traumatic boat accident made him want to be “buried with his father.” To hear such comments made by a child was disturbing indeed. What happened to the governments’ promise to get children and families out of detention? In retrospect, 2010 Australian of the year Professor Patrick McGorry stated that detention centres are “factories for producing mental illness.” So why are people still in denial? Australia should put an end to treating asylum seekers callously and not turn a blind eye, instead the government should empathise with them and realise that we Australians are governed by fear! Due to bias media coverage in western countries…show more content…
I am so relieved that the sympathetic people of Australia made the government realise that they were making a huge mistake if they had taken Seena back to Christmas Island. Seena has now been given the chance to be like every other nine year old child, waking up to watch cartoons and to play at the playground. Our Australian way of life is through mateship and giving people a fair go and I’m proud to say that we have shown our compassion once more. As Seena is growing I will show him the goodness of this country and make him aware of the compassion and support they have shown during hardship. I will make Australia proud of my Seena. I am forever grateful and proud to call Australia

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