Why We Should Go Back to the Moon

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It has been about 44 years since the last time man has stepped foot on the moon. We have not been back ever since. There are a few reasons why we have not been back to the moon in such a long time but the biggest reason of them all is simply the lack of reason. It sounds strange because we have learned so much by going to the moon. We learned a lot about the origin of the moon and also about the early history of the earth. Not to mention all the technological advances that were made such as the advancements in computers which were used to guide the Saturn V rocket into the earth's orbit (Howell). After all the benefits that we have reaped from going to the moon why would we stop. The problem is that with the advancement of technology a lot of space missions that used to require humans no longer do. That is why after George W. Bush announced the launch of a program designed to put men back on the moon many people, including astronomers came out against the idea (David). The astronomer Alastair Gunn was among them saying, NASA should focus on mars instead of the moon (Gunn). It is true that modern technology allows us to send robotic missions to the moon but that does not mean that manned missions are no longer productive. One of the most common arguments made against returning to the moon is the economic argument. Is there a lot of economic benefit from going to the moon? NASA has discovered a lot of water on the moon. In 2009 NASA crashed a rocket into the moon. NASA says they have detected 100 kg of water. This led many people to suggest that water should be extracted from the moon since we are running out of fresh water here on earth. The problem is that we do not have the technology necessary to do this. Even if the technology could be developed it would not be economically viable or profitable. It is estimated that it would cost $20,000 per kg to transport

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