Why We Should Complain About Bad Service

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The service sector is a very important economic activity in Mexico. Services include hotels, restaurants, schools, stores, etc. When we pay for a service, even if they are not selling us an object, they still must satisfy our needs. When we do not receive what we expect, we are not satisfied and we are paying for something that is not worth it. My purpose in this paper is to explain the benefits of complaining so we can have enough reasons to act against bad or poor service. When bad service is given and no one complains about it, people in the enterprise think they are doing a good job and they do not realize they are losing clients. People prefer just to walk away rather than talking. The consequence is that this enterprise will keep giving the same bad service. This is the first benefit of complaining: We will let them know what are they doing wrong and we will give them the chance to improve. Consequently, they will take actions to satisfy not only you who complained, but also the rest of the clients who did not dare or bother to complain and had the same need as you. Another benefit of complaining is that the bad concept that people had about certain enterprises with bad service will change. The enterprise's reputation will improve and they will start offering service with quality thanks to previous complaints. If the service sector improves in quality, the Mexican social and economic system will also improve. The third benefit of complaining about bad service is that people who work in this sector will need to be more prepared and more open to hear their clients. If we have the habit of complaining when something does not satisfy us, enterprises will give us the respect we deserve as clients and the service we are looking for. They will understand they need to be nice and to improve. For such things, they need to have good job training and interest in
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