Why We Need Woodshop Essay

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Parents of modern students, I am here today to voice a firm viewpoint that I have developed on my own, and that is supported by many parents, teachers, and council members. I have had my favorite school experiences so far in the most controversial classroom on CHS campus- the shop. But it is possible that the future generations of students may not be able to experience the education and fun that shop class has to offer, because of how much oopposition it has. I believe that it makes much more sense for children to be able to take shop, and that every school should offer it to all children, at least from grades 7 to 12. You too should support the development of shop courses in our schools, and here's why. First of all, kids stand to learn a lot from taking shop. Shop can teach basic to advanced hand and power tool operation, as well as safety and maintenance for those tools. Many students who don't go to college or even finish high school may be able to use this knowledge to get a job in the construction of craftsmanship fields of work, which will likely pay more and be more enjoyable than other entry level jobs that don't require college, like janitorial work or waiting tables. It will help them become the builders of a new nation in the coming years, one as great as described in utopian science fiction novels. They will be the building blocks of a better place to live. Secondly, students develop skills that they use for a lifetime, no matter what field of work they choose to go into. It can give them confidence and skill as adults to perform basic housing repairs without having to call an expert. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and steady movement in students that they'll use for the rest of their lives. It also helps to teach kids who hate math basic fractions and geometry in an environment they like to work in, and provide some physical fitness

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