Why We Need to Protect Our Environment Essay

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Like it or not, we all live on this planet. We are part of something bigger than ourselves; we are part of the environment. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. We all walk on the same ground and experience the same sunshine and moonlight. Earth is something that we all have in common. It is our home and we have to preserve it. Do you know anyone who throws trash around in his or her room? I should hope not because he or she lives there. It is strange how humans want to keep their houses clean but could care less for their other home, the planet. What happens when you sleep in a dirty room or house? You get sick. What happens when we live on a polluted planet? We get sick. It is to mankind’s benefit to keep a clean planet. Global Climate change aka Global Warming is a reality. If you do not believe this then just look at a pictures of the ice caps in the North Pole. Just 10 years ago, the ice shelves were exponentially larger than they are today. Refuting the idea of global warming is refusing to see what is in front of you. Liberals as well as Conservatives agree that the globe is getting warmer, but there is a cleavage as to how climate change is caused. I stand firmly that global warming is man made and that is is our responsibility to solve the problem before we all die from
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