Why We Need Marriage Essay

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The Stakes: Why We Need Marriage Maggie Gallagher Maggie Gallagher’s article – The Stakes: Why We Need Marriage is a controversial glance at why she believes that gay marriage could destroy American civilization. Throughout her article Gallagher presents four major points. The first idea that Gallagher puts forth is that gay couples are unable to provide children with a stable family structure because it lacks the combined mother and father influence. Gallagher states that a polygamous relationship is a far more stable family environment for a child then a gay family structure. This ill-mannered statement Gallagher makes is absolutely incorrect. When children see that it is perfectly acceptable for one of the parents in this “stable” environment to have a relationship with another partner – how does this in anyway show stability? A long-standing monogamous, although same-sex, relationship shows a child stability. As long as that child understands the partner chosen can be a same-sex partner or not. Gallagher cannot make the conclusion that polygamy dictates stability but same-sex marriage does not. The next point that Gallagher begins to address is, that allowing gay marriage to pass will classify it as a religious rite thus loosing its social significance within Western society. By allowing this to happen she believes that the purpose of marriage will be diminished and will no longer be centered on the conception of children or providing those children with mothers and fathers- marriage simply put, will be classified as a proclamation of love between two people with no real purpose. This belief that Gallagher puts forth is completely incorrect. She states that couples choose to get married solely based on the idea of conceiving children. However, many couples are and remain happily married with no intention of starting a family making her argument weak and

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