Why we Lie

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Why We Lie There are many reasons why people lie. Some have ulterior motives while others plainly lie with the sole intention of deceiving someone. In Ericson’s essay “ The Ways We Lie” she lists several examples of the different kinds of ways people lie, like innocent white lies. She also explains the different ways people deceive, such as ignoring the plain facts and leaving out major points to the story. When I read “ The Ways We Lie” it made me think of all the lies I produce without even thinking twice about the effects my lies have on people. The other day my friend called me and asked if I had sent his sunglasses he left at my house to him yet, I responded to his question by telling him I had sent the sunglasses already and they should have been there by now, of course I hadn’t sent the glasses yet, I just didn’t want to have to deal with his constant phone calls asking me the same question over and over again. Without even thinking of the consequences I flat out lied to a friend, for all I know he could be calling the post office making complaints or sitting outside his mailbox everyday in hopes of receiving that special package. Throughout Ericsson’s essay “The Ways We Lie” she gives explains the various ways people lie and deceive everyday without feeling any guilt, and then goes on to explain the consequences of each lie. Ericsson uses the white lie, ignoring plain facts, and omission to show the different reasons why people lie and what the different consequence of each lie is. The first lie that Ericsson talks about is the white lie. This is a very common form of lying that people use most often without feeling any guilt. There are many reason’s for the white lie, take this situation for example; Your girlfriend spent hours getting ready and asks you how she looks, you respond with something along the lines of “amazing” or “gorgeous” when really the
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