Why We Dream Essay

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CIN _______ Cooperative Development Authority 827 Aurora Blvd., Brgy. Immaculate Concepcion Cubao, Quezon City BOX 1: To be filled up by CDA Staff only Revised CAPR Form 2008 – 1 Received by: ____________________________________ Validated by: ____________________________________ Encoded by: _____________________________________ Verified/Reviewed by: _______________________________ Date received: _______________________ Date Validated: ______________________ Dated Encoded: _____________________ Date Verified/Reviewed: _______________ BOX 2: INSTRUCTIONS TO COOPERATIVES 1. The CAPR form 2008-1 shall be uniformly used by ALL COOPERATIVES. 2. All blanks shall be filled-up with appropriate information. 3. The submission of the duly accomplished CAPR Form shall be done ANNUALLY within 60 days after the end of the Fiscal Year. 4. Submission to CDA shall be done through registered mail, electronic mail or hand-carried to concerned CDA Extension Offices. 5. The Accountant/Compliance Officer shall preferably be assigned to fill-up the CAPR Form. 6. The General Manager report shall certifies to the truthfulness and correctness of the information contained herein. 7. All cooperatives shall adopt Standard Chart of Accounts prescribed for every type of cooperative. 8. All Multi-Purpose Cooperatives with savings and credit operations shall segregate records of transactions on their credit operations. 9. All registered Credit Cooperatives and Multi-Purpose Cooperatives with savings and credit operations with Audited Financial Statements shall fill –up Part I, IIIB, IIIC, IIIE and Part IV. 10. All registered cooperatives with Un-Audited Financial Statement (newly registered coops) shall fill-up Part I and Part II. 11. All shaded areas/boxes should not be filled-up. Cooperative Annual Performance Report As of December 31, _____________ I. GENERAL INFORMATION

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