Why We Do What We Do Essay

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Nathaniel Padilla Professor Gail Lutsky Psych103g 1/27/14 Why We Do What We Do. As human we at one point or another have clashed with another individual, maybe it is because something they said or did. You may have heard afterword by someone is “that’s their personality” or “it’s in their nature.” Why do we act a certain way and do what we do? Contributing factors could include emotion, behavior, and characteristic of are thought process, or plainly put a personality. (psychology.about.com) Like with everything personality is made up through components. The first major component of personality is consistency, in personality you can usually see order and a regular behavior, meaning that people will act in similar or the same way in multiple situations. (psychology.about.com). the second component of personality is psychological and physiological, meaning that personality is psychologically constructed but biological processes and needs play a major part in the construction and behavior of our personality (psychology.about.com). While personality affects behavior, it doesn’t limit us to how we respond in our environment, but it also effects our action and it causes us to act in certain ways. (psychology.about.com). Personality affects more than are behavioral patterns, it is present in our thoughts, throughout feelings, and social interaction (psychology.about.com). In all the components of personality we see that people act the way they do because they do because of their psychosocial development, a theory in which Erick Erikson believe that the development of the ego identity is a sense of self that is conscious that we develop through social interaction, meaning that our ego identity is being changed each day from new experience and information that we attain through our interactions (psychology.about.com). They also act the way they do by biological
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