Why We Crave Horror Movies

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There is that side of us. It craves the gore and the bloodshed. It likes it when someone gets hurt or wounded. It is the side of us that explains why we are so interested in car accidents and makes us wonder if anyone got hurt. It is the reason that although we grimace at injuries, we can’t seem to look away. I’m not the only one who believes this. Three out of four of the people I interviewed believe this as well. With these three people, I discussed the fear they felt in horror movies and the way horror movies have affected their feelings about these types of movies. From this, I determined if there was any relation in how the movies made them feel and whether or not they’d want to repeat the experience. “I think we crave horror movies because somewhere deep down, we all want to see people get run through with pointy sticks and be able to not feel guilty for enjoying it. We all know it’s just acting,” said one person. He enjoyed horror movies because of this gory fact. At times, he said, it “made his blood boil.” Even though watching them made him feel this way, he still liked watching horror movies. He even told me that he would continue to watch them as long as they were still made. Sydnie, another interviewee, said that she wasn’t particularly scared in horror movies, but afterwards, they would affect her. One horror movie that scarred her was “The Others.” She explained that when she was younger, she at times saw things that no one else could. She also explained how horror movies have changed her look on the genre. She is terrified of horror movies, but at the same time can’t turn away. She said when she was younger, she would never watch horror movies because they terrified her, but now that she is older, she understands they aren’t real. She is neither a fan, nor does she dislike genre. She prefers Disney movies over horror movies any day. Personally I

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