Why We Celerbrate Veterans Day

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Ramandeep Bassi English 3B Per. 4 11-12-2011 Why do we celebrate Veterans Day We celebrate Veterans Day because to Honor those who fought while serving our country in the military. On Veterans Day we honor the living veterans and thank them for their service. Veterans day is celebrated with parades, speeches, and in many other ways. Inscriptions of names are written of each and every one of those individuals in the order they were taken from us. Honors is given to them. The pledge of allegiance is said and the flag of the United States is raised with a moment of silence Pease to pay respect for those who have lost a relative or friend or love one while in the war. Because for those people who have serve there parts in the army for helping to make the USA a better and safer place for us to live. We celebrate veterans day because, the date November 11 was originally celebrated the anniversary of the end of World War I. In 1938, Congress passed an act that officially created Armistice Day to honor the soldiers that who fought in World War I. It was also dedicated to the support the cause of world peace. In 1938 they renamed the day to Veterans Day. Congress approved this change on June 1, 1954. November 11 was declared as the official day set aside to honor the veterans of all wars. Veterans are those people who risk their lives for

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