Why Was the Scientific Revolution so Important?

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The various Latin American revolutions and movements that occurred between 1700-1800s were based on the model of the USA. Some interpreted these as a prominent figure in the revolutionary period. Others believed it was the least revolutionary during this period. This argument is not entirely valid, but there is also a point to make. While there are more famous revolutions such as the Glorious, French, and American Revolution, it does not mean that these revolutions in Latin America are any less important. In Latin America, the revolutions and movements did result in the independence of the Spanish and Portuguese colonies but they did not have the best results of a revolution nor were the causes and effects on the same level as those of the previous revolutions it had based on. The War for Independence in North America freed the thirteen colonies, and created the US. It allowed a democracy for the people based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The most famous revolution during this period was the French Revolution. The monarchy had been restored, the feudal privileges were abolished and new codes of law were created under Napoleon's conquest. There was a larger amount of people that were effected during these revolutions rather than the ones that Latin America had. Despite having wars for independence from direct, political control from overseas, power was taken by the Creole and mazombo elites. Their economy was also not the best and they eventually relied on the former colonizers. As this revolutionary period passed, Europe and North America created new democratic ideals and practices, although they were not firm in basis. Latin America followed this lead, but it was also more delicate. In the end, it can be argued that Latin America's revolutions and movements were of the least revolutionary. This is because although they were somewhat successful for the
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