Why Was The Roman Army So Successful??

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Why was the Roman Army so successful? Essay The Roman Army managed to capture and control a huge empire across Europe and North Africa, so there must have been something that made it tick. This essay will find out what factors helped it on its road to success. One of the main reasons the reasons the Roman Army was so successful was because of its advanced tactical skills. For example before any campaign they would spend month planning. They would try to choose the battleground if possible, for example, they would always want to be above the enemy. Sometimes they use this advantage by throwing their spears at the enemy all at once to confuse them so they broke ranks. Then the Romans would charge in. They would also fight with the sun behind them and the wind blowing in toward the enemy so that their spears flew more accurately. When the Roman army were advancing toward the enemy, the held their shields high above their heads to make a sort of shell called “the tortoise”. This protected them from enemy spears. Another tactic they used was to march in different formations for example the wedge and the saw. They had other clever tactics like carrying their kit on their shields when they forded Rivers. What made the Roman Army different to other armies at its time was its organisation. The army was made up of Auxiliaries and Legionaries. Auxiliaries were from all over the empire, as they could have useful skills, the Cretes were good slingers and the Syrians were great archers. The auxiliaries were divided into light cavalry and light infantry. They caused first blood and cleared the way for the legionaries. The army was organised in a very simple way:

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