Why Was Opposition to the Nazi’s so Weak?

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Why was opposition to the Nazi’s so weak? In Germany, it was obvious that the Nazi party could not please everyone and they faced opposition to the their policies. However, this opposition was very weak for a range of reasons; including the current state of the economy, the Nazi propaganda methods and their brutal terror campaigns. Following the Weimar government, a large majority of the German people wanted one strong leader to bring Germany back to its former glory – and Hitler offered this. One predominant reason many backed Hitler and the Nazi’s was on the basis that they believed they could restore Germany to its former strong and internationally-dominant state. The German public liked the Nazi’s because they offered solutions to help regenerate the economy to a more stable and sustainable state (following the collapse of the economy during events such as the Wall Street Crash). Unemployment levels had plummeted from a whopping 6 million to a measly 500,000 and Hitler was offering the ‘Bread and Work’ scheme which offered those in need a chance at re-building their lives with the opportunity to make money again and obtain food. These opportunities benefitted many, therefore if they opposed the regime they would no longer get this help – and with so many in need, there were many who would not oppose their harsh ways simply because they needed the money, food, and better economy throughout Germany. Propaganda was also a large factor, which weakened the Nazi opposition. The Nazi party made a seemingly more appealing side to Germany. There were regular parties/rallies held which brought together communities and provided many cultural experiences for all generations. Cheaper radios were available; which enabled new methods of listening to Hitler/Nazi speeches etc through means of radio. Town speaker systems were installed, projecting pro-Nazi propaganda through
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