Why Was Madd Created

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Andre M. Golden University of Phoenix Abstract This paper’s purpose is to help shed some light on the organization MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). I will explain how MADD was created as well as the purpose they serve. I will also identify factors that lead to the creation of MADD, how the problem was identified as a social problem, what policies were created as a result of MADD, what obstacles and problems did MADD face while implementing the policies, and lastly what effects were experienced across all human services delivery as a result of these social policies. Why was MADD created? MADD was created like most organizations because there was someone or a small group of people that saw a need in the community. In the case of the organization MADD, a woman by the name of Candy Lightner after her daughter’s life was tragically taken in May of 1980 by a repeat drunk driver founded "Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)"(www.madd.org). The organization’s purpose and goal was to bring a change to the awareness and attitudes the public carriers in regard to drunk driving. Also, they sought a change in the way the judicial system dealt with those convicted.…show more content…
The organization MADD was created in large part due to Candy Lightner’s daughter being killed in 1980. Clarence Busch was the man responsible and it was found that he had a record of arrests for intoxication. Candy Lightner learned from an officer that at the time there were no harsh punishments for drunk driving and that the offender was more than likely not going to spend a lot of time in jail. This prompted Mrs. Lightner to take action against what she later called “the only socially accepted form of homicide
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