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Why Was Charles Something Executed? Essay

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  • on December 4, 2013
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Why was Charles I executed?

Charles I   ascended the throne in 1625 his father, James I   passed away and immediately alienated the Parliament along with   his subjects. During his reign he was constantly ignorant with Parliament, for whom he had little use for. In his first four years on the throne he destroyed three parliaments, for twelve years he ruled without them, until in 1640 he was forced to recall Parliament in order to acquire funds to fight a rebellion in Scotland. But from past events Parliament refused to give him the money. The king's   terrible management of funds and religious differences renewed a mutual hostility that boiled   into a civil war in 1642. The Parliament forces (named the Roundheads) under Oliver Cromwell defeated the Royalists after more than three years of battles, and Charles was put under house arrest in 1646. In 1648 he was finally brought to trial before Parliament for being a tyrant and traitor. And being a strong believer in the Divine Right of Kings, Charles didn’t realize the body's authority and offered absolutely no defense. A tribunal voted 68 to 67 against him and Charles I was beheaded on 30 January 1649 at the banqueting house in Whitehall.

There were many reasons for Charles I’s beheading but I think a huge contributor to this event was the religious differences. He decided to marry a Catholic women, Henrietta Maria of France. They worried that the Princess   might have had an influence on her husband and perhaps get him to change his religion to Catholic and because she was catholic and at the time England was protestant she also came from a family that believed in complete and utter monarchy.

Another reason why Charles was sentenced to death was his need for power but Parliament wanted this power too. He chose to Raise taxes by using fines and ship money so he wouldn’t need Parliament but then when he needed the money to pay for a rebellion Parliament refused to give it to him.   I think parliament did this to...

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