Why Was Abraham Lincoln Wrong

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States and one of the most recognizable figures in history. The time of his terms were turbulent and he was up for the challenge. During a time when the states were at odds with each other and the future of a great nation was at risk, he was the glue that kept it together. He made controversial decisions and was the Commander in Chief during one of the worst wars in the short life of the United States. Many lives were lost, but in the end the nation stood united and set us up for success. Slavery was a huge part of the history in the United States, and created much controversy. Lincoln was a man that knew slavery was wrong and an evil in the world, but that it was necessary to the…show more content…
He then took a final stand on slavery when he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. The Proclamation stated, "That all person held as slaves, within the rebellious states, are, and hence forward shall be free." ("Featured documents", n.d.). The Proclamation also allowed those freed slaves to join the Union Army and Navy, to help fight for the freedom of other slaves. By the end of the war over 200,000 black men had served in the Union Army and Navy in the fight for freedom. This was possibly one of the most important acts passed in the history of the United States. although it did not end slavery completely in the United States, in was a big step forward. Abraham Lincoln was a man, just an ordinary man that believed in the United States. His love for his country led him to great achievements and helped secure its future. His time as President was an uneasy one, but his resolve helped keep the nation together as one. He did many things to start the movement to end slavery and by doing so made the United States a better place. When the name Abraham Lincoln is spoken, remember the great things this ordinary man did for his
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