Why Was A Small Country Like England So Powerful?

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1. Location, military might, economic powers, and system of gov’t are all variables that affect foreign policy choices. Ex. Why was a small country like England so powerful? Answer location because of the sea area they were in, they could expand and sail quickly to many other country compare to other countries geographical area. 2. Globalization is international integration. It can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society. This process is a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural and political forces. 3. States’ Attributes – state characteristics like foreign policy, size, wealth, and etc. A. Geopolitics 1. Spheres of Influence – areas within a region or country controlled or dominated by a foreign power. 2.…show more content…
Geopolitics – relationship between geography and politics 3. Germany is located in the center of Europe, making it domestic politics and foreign policy preferences profoundly affected by its position. 4. III. The Unitary Actor and Rational Decision Making IV. The Bureaucratic(routine) Politics of foreign Policy Decision Making 1. Bureaucracies – agencies, regulatory commissions, and departments that conduct the functions of a central government. 2. Organizations that perform vital services, enhancing the state’s capacity to cope with changing global circumstances. Ex. The CIA, FBI, military are all key participants in the foreign policy making. A. Bureaucratic Efficiency and Rationally 1. They are perceived to enhance rational decision making. 2. Often lead to meritocracies by hiring and promoting the most capable
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