why i want to be a nurse

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Completing the LVN program at Western Career College started off as a dream that I now strive to turn into reality. A dream I know that will not come easy without concentration and commitment throughout this whole course. In this paper I will state my current obstacles and life experiences that made me chose the LVN program at WCC. My family influences with nursing, my level of education with school, all make this decision of taking this program one of the easiest choices I’ve made but yet one of the hardest goals for me to accomplish. My choices in life have not always been easy. Graduating in 2002 with barely the schools requirements, I always considered myself an average student that always ended up putting school activities and functions before my classes. Coming close to graduation and the option of going into a nursing program at a local community college I set my life into a different direction and signed up 3 years of my life with Uncle Sam with the United States Army. Having my military career abruptly end after the second year I found myself more in hospitals rather than being able to train with my company. In the hospitals that I was serviced at, I was amazed on the professionalism that the medical staff gave its patients. Having a slow process of healing and being sent back home on an honorable discharge, I’ll never forget the treatment I received from the medical staff and how important I felt at those hospitals. Permanently home and out of the military I sat down and figured what I need to do with my life. Not having gone to college after high school I signed up for classes at a local community college in my area. With no set interest in what major or minor to obtain I set myself to finish out my general education courses. Through time, I started to lose focus and needed a full time job to be able to support everything I had going on.

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