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When asked about uniforms, most students will agree that they hate the idea of wearing uniforms and having it as a dress code. When I was in junior high, I was fortunate enough to experience a both non-uniform and uniform public school; in the perspective of a 13 year old girl, I hated the idea of wearing a uniform during my time in a uniform school. I thought that I wanted to express myself through my clothes, yet I soon realized I was wrong. I became more aware about uniforms and why we had to wear it after my experience at a non-uniform public school. After a few years after, I went back to a uniform school and after the experience in a non- uniform school it made me appreciate having to wear a uniform. The debate, whether school uniforms should be a dress code or allowing student to wear their choice of clothes is debated across the country and our own community. The argument of having student wearing uniform or not is prone to have pros and cons to the debate. Some claim that uniforms improve many areas in the educational area, while others challenge these claims. Opponents are saying that uniforms are violating potential civil rights for the student. Uniforms should be the dress code for the public school because it creates equality among the students and it improves students’ attendance and graduation rates. The first reason why uniforms should be the dress code for public school is that it creates a sense of equality among the many diverse students. If the student wears a uniform, they won’t be able to notice the difference between the rich students or poor students; therefore it could improve a student’s self-esteem. The uniform also eliminates students wearing gang related clothing and girls wearing clothes that are too revealing and inappropriate for school. In 1996, President Clinton addressed the issue of uniforms during one of his presidential

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