Why Unhealthy Foods Should Not Be Banned In Schools

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While I am aware of the vacant nutritional value of "junk food" and certainly think we overindulge in it, instead of a ban, can we teach children to think differently about the care of their bodies, about nutrition, and about how they can think well for themselves about their choices? It seems that we want a rule for so many things because it's simpler. If children are taught at home and by our society to develop good eating habits and to think about food choices from an early age, they will make similar choices at school. I see this ban as an easy way out. A way to avoid the real hard work that is truly needed. A cowardly way out of dealing with an increasingly dangerous subject. We all understand that something must be done to change the health of this nation and in particular the youth of this nation. Not one of us here could deny that. I could not deny that. A good portion of fish and chips sends the taste buds insane in an instant. It completely hits the spot. However, banning it is not the way around the situation. We should be trying to prevent it, in ways that my colleague just pointed out and in ways that I am about to identify. As Ashlea just said, setting this ban into motion is an encroachment on school pupils’ freedom however, even with if the privilege of unhealthy food in school has been taken away, we as children will go to the extent that we buy the products elsewhere. Moreover, this unhealthy food is only part of the problem. Children spend so much time inside now -- playing video games, sitting at their computers, watching TV -- they're rarely outside playing and being active. Proactive measures must be taken; not enforcing bans. In our school, we have one P.E. lesson each week. To me, this does not seem enough. Also, it is increasingly easier to get out of P.E. lessons; with notes from parents, trips to the school nurse. Lessons should
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