Why the Normandy Invasion Was so Successful and the Obstacles Everyone Involved Had to Overcome

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The D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944 was critical to allied success in World War II. It opened a second front in Western Europe, allowing the Allies to begin their march towards Berlin. There were many obstacles to overcome on D-Day, but it was ultimately successful because of the planning of the ally invaders, the fact that the Germans were unprepared because of a trick the allies had done, and the leadership of the in command soldiers on the beach. The soldiers on the beach overcame very large obstacles to win a very decisive battle in the European campaign. The morning of June 6th 1944 was overcast, rainy, windy, and choppy on the water. Troop carriers left the main ships a little after 6 in the morning. With the rain on their faces and the surf causing some seasickness they made their way to the beaches and steep rocky cliffs infested with Germans awaiting the oncoming attack. The LCA (landing craft assault) were having a hard time getting to the beach, crossing the short section of the channel with fast currents and 4 footers rocking the boat. It soon became apparent that it would be just as hard a task to take the beaches, as it is to get to the beach. On a particularly hard section some landing craft overturned, each carrying up to 30 troops and each having 40 pounds of supplies. Needless to say many drowned because of being so heavy. (Morison 55) On Omaha Beach the Germans had beefed up their defenses prior to the landing because Hitler still believed that there could be an invasion from that point even thought the information he had gotten said otherwise.(Morison 34) The Germans had a total of 3,700 obstacles on Omaha beach, more than any other beach during the invasion. The Germans also had lain over 1 million mines throughout the water coming up to the beaches and on the beaches in an attempt to help thwart the invasion. Everything seemed to go wrong

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