Why the Law Is Important Essay

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My opinion about this is that law is really not that great.. there is many reason why this law is not good, and not a great idea. For examples people that work for the companies that make the phones will start losing money. Other example is that people are not going to buy phones and the companies will start losing money. Most parents now a days buy phones their kids because sometimes the kids really need it. Sometimes when their parent cant call them, they will leave a message. Because most kids text everyday, to their friends, family members and parents. In my passion I don’t like this law because I own a phone for important stuff. My mom sometimes text me stuff that I have to do at home. She cant call me when she is at work. So she just text me she finds it so easy. I also need to communicate with my friends because we hangout all the times. We call each other especially when we want to party. Besides every one has to have a phone because many bad things have happened lately people really need to communicate. I especially think that it doesn’t matter how old are you can use your phone. In fact last time that I check our parent are paying for our phones. They should let our parents decide in this case and give their opinions. Also there are some good reason why this law should be aloud. Although people might just hate this law. Because if this law becomes a real law other wise they will start big problems. People will be really upset with they government, and the companies too. Also some people just agree with this law because it’s a really good idea. Many people don’t know it because of using your phone many accidents happen. Many car accidents and people get hit by cars. There is commercials on tv about people that had been in car accidents, and got hit by a car. So at the same time I agree and disagree with this law. Because at the same time its pretty

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